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Organizational Development and Administration

Administrative Grounding and Practice

As a leader, administrator and supervisor, I have learned to rely on covenant, the basis of our Unitarian Universalist tradition and of our congregations. Creating covenants together and honoring them is part of our spiritual work. Covenants always support us and provide a touchstone when things are hard.

As a minister, I seek to help develop, encourage and maintain opportunities for growth in myself, church staff and congregants. We each bring our stories of leadership (or lack of it) from our families and work experiences. The gift of a faith community can be to learn what spiritually-grounded leadership is like, leadership that is based in our values and principles. A congregation can be a place where people grow in leadership skills and abilities if it is a safe place for everyone to risk, make mistakes, learn and grow.

By inviting all voices and styles to the leadership table, we live out our value of justice within the walls of our church.

I like to work with people who are creative and who seek to learn. As a leader, I seek to attract good people who will collaborate with me to set a vision and work toward creating it.

Administrative Experience

I have over 15 years of experience as a leader and supervisor in my previous social services career. I also have years of experience as a lay leader, staff person, and supervisor of staff in UU churches. I have hired church staff and helped with church staff transitions. One example is working with the Music Committee at the UU Congregation of Salem to hire a Co-Director of Music in anticipation of my parish internship in a different church. This excellent musician and I worked together for 6 months as she learned the ministry aspects of her responsibilities.

Because of my experience at so many levels in organizations and churches large and small, I have learned that we must be clear and open about roles and authority, rather than pretending that power differences don’t exist. All mission-driven organizations require clear and frequent communication, and transparency, in order to build and maintain trust.

In case you are interested, you can access my full (that means long) resume here.

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