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Religious Education

Everything we do is faith formation.
Everything we teach is Unitarian Universalism. — Connie Goodbread

Co-facilitators of the worship & spirituality track at Goldmine Youth Leadership School (w/ Amanda Allender)

The future of our faith depends on learning to integrate our young people into the present. It was an eye-opening experience for me to hold multigenerational worship experiences at least once a quarter while I was serving in Honolulu. How do we teach our values in a way that captures not just the attention of our children but our adults as well?

I had more opportunities to engage in this conversation with our senior high youth at Camp DeBenneville Pines in the winter as we talked about multicultural transformation, and then two Goldmine Youth Leadership Schools in a row, co-facilitating with vibrant young adults as we created a learning community that is engaged and on fire.

Religious education and faith formation is an issue of accessibility. How do we explain our faith in a way that draws the circle wide? How do we make faith formation everything we do, as my colleague Connie Goodbread mentions?

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