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Social Justice

Justice is what love looks like in public. — Cornel West

Organizing Christian leaders for marriage equality
Root causes for migration in Honduras
Chinese Lunar New Year parade
UU College of Social Justice Nicaragua journey
Phone banking against Prop. 8
Faith Floods the Desert press conference
UU College of Social Justice Haiti Recovery journey
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I have been dubbed an “activist minister” because I believe our faith needs to be put into action in order for it to be a vital, relevant endeavor. I have sided with love when it comes to immigrant justice, marriage equality, and basic human needs. Everyone deserves a place at the table. Everyone deserves a roof over their head, clean water, and the dignity to be safe and thrive. I won’t stop speaking up until we get there.

“There’s a New Sheriff in Town” at Justice GA 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona, challenging Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
“There is no Excuse for Religious Violence” at the Hawai’i State Capitol Rally for Marriage Equality.
“Amazing Grace” at the Hawai’i State Capitol as protestors tried to shut down a press conference.
“First Civil Unions in Hawaii” performed by three clergy right after midnight.
“Clergy Supporting Equality” interviews Rabbi Peter Schaktman and Rev. Kyle Lovett on their positions.
Arcadia Opposes Hate” is a protest to a mayor’s prayer breakfast inviting clergy from Focus on the Family.
“Done” is the triumphal moment when the Governor signs marriage equality into law in the state of Hawaii’.
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