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Racial Justice and Multiculturalism

Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Committee Resolution
Multicultural Transformation Day Colorado Springs
Finding Our Way Home
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There is nothing more emotionally charged in our society and in our faith right now than the racial tension that we’ve inherited and undoubtedly, it’s difficult to talk about in a spiritual context. I’ve learned over the years to view this work from a developmental approach, using the Intercultural Development Continuum. I’ve seen an increase in demand for Multicultural Transformation Days and I’ve had the honor of facilitating these intense conversations in over a dozen congregations in the region so far.

We don’t always get it right. Micro-aggressions still take place, but somehow, we are leaning into the conflicts and learning how to make mistakes, ask for apologies, practice forgiveness and grace, and come back into covenant again. It’s messy work, but very fulfilling ultimately when we see the cultural shifts begin to take place. 


  • Started three young adult groups
  • UUCSJ: Summer intern liaison and led immersion journeys to Haiti, Nicaragua and Honduras
  • Qualified Administrator for Intercultural Development Inventory
  • Initiated identity-based caucusing at PWR Regional Assembly (2018) and other key PWR events
  • Led workshops on Multicultural Transformation and Dismantling White Supremacy Culture throughout PWR and GA ‘16
  • Co-chaired Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Committee


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