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About Me

Claremont School of Theology graduation
Wedding Day with Rabbi, family and friends
Christopher, Lucypher, Jonipher and Swipher
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I received my call to ministry right before September 11th happened. Seminary taught me to dig deeper to the root causes of violence throughout human history. How did we end up polarizing ourselves from one another? More importantly, how can we use compassion as a tool to repair a hurting world?

It was also in seminary that I processed one of the most painful deaths I’ve experienced: my maternal grandmother. In that sacred space, I felt a Love holding me that transcended words. I sensed the empathy of those around me, helping me name the grief of living in an impermanent world. 

Life for me is about exploring the depths of who I am, which is constantly evolving. Beyond the labels and titles is a deep sense of authenticity that has guided my spiritual leadership, enabling me to listen to where the Divine continues to call.

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