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Hello Channing Memorial Church!

I am delighted to be your candidate for settled ministry at Channing Memorial Church.  It has been such a privilege to learn about all of you from a distance and to work closely with your search committee. Thank you Kris, Cathy, Bernie, Lynne, Ken, and Patrick for all your hard work and dedication to this congregation.

I am drawn to your commitment to spirituality and your welcoming and inclusive spirit.  From the beginning of this church in 1992 – those first 30 people who gathered in folks’ homes to discuss spirituality and religion – to all of the members and friends here today, Channing’s dedication to community and spiritual self-reflection is apparent. 

I see and admire your proactive work to be welcoming and inclusive.   This work takes a collaborative effort, and I am thrilled to join you on this journey. 

Just like the welcoming spirit you possess, my ministry is based on inclusivity. I am dedicated to providing an open and welcoming place for all.  I have done extensive work on bringing awareness to mental health and also to what it means to be gender non-binary, and I have done work in young adult ministry. I work hard to cultivate a sense of self-worth in all of those around me.

My background includes a Bachelors Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Religious Studies from Rutgers University and a Masters Degree in Divinity from Meadville Lombard Theological School.  I have done volunteer work in the mental health field and served as an intern at the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless.  I served as a student chaplain at both Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey and at Omegon Residential Treatment Center in Minnesota, where I worked with teenagers struggling with mental illness and addiction. I learned about the power of presence and of deep listening, and about living with compassion and love.

I am excited to bring these experiences with me to parish ministry at Channing Memorial Church.  The work I have done in formation aligns with your mission statement: To invite seekers into spiritual community, connect souls in mystery and wonder, and ignite compassion into action. 

My husband Eric in on the journey with me. He brings with him a love of art and cooking and a deep sense of compassion. In his free time, Eric enjoys reading theology books. He is currently studying Data Science at Northwestern University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Cornell University. Eric and I are so excited for the opportunity to start this next chapter of our lives in Ellicott City with all of you at Channing Memorial Church.

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