Social Justice

“My cowardice makes the people around me more cowardly. And my courage makes the wider community more courageous.” – Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen.

———————- 20 years later and my UU values still have me out in the streets protesting against Gun Violence.
As this cute photo comparison demonstrates, social justice work has always been an important part of my life. In my family and in the UU church I grew up in, we believed in speaking out against injustice and advocating for our values as a way to make the whole community more courageous. I bring this kind of conviction to social justice work in my ministry. 
I have a track record for doing my own activism in the world from issues of racial justice and Black Lives Matter to work around climate change, immigration reform and addressing homelessness. As a minister it makes me so proud to connect congregations to justice work. I believe, our Unitarian Universalists congregations are powerful institutions that can and do make change in the world. We believe in worth and dignity. We believe in equity and compassion. And we can make this real  when we are willing to be humble and courageous.
A lot of what drew me to UUCH was your commitment to social justice. This might seem small, but I was really impressed by your little food pantry. Over the months of the search process I kept thinking about it, because to me that food pantry says that you are open and noticing the problems and injustices in your own neighborhood and are taking creative and concrete steps to address them.
I suspect that as we get to know each other, we will learn about the social justice work that impacts Huntsville and will keep learning together how best to make a difference in the community. These days that we are living in call for our best efforts and our most brazen love, and I am excited to imagine the transformative work we might do in the world. 
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