Religious Education

Spending time with my youngest congregant at our church’s Ferry Beach Retreat Weekend

Charging our class of Bridgers as they embark on the next phase of their journey.
The amazing results of a Religious Education lesson the week after the Women’s March

All ages religious education, and particularly the engagement of children and youth is central to my ministry. I consider myself a parish minister with a DRE mindset, meaning that I bring a lens and a love for religious education to my whole ministry. I believe in all age faith formation and see our churches as centers of opportunity for instilling lifelong curiosity, and powerful values of love and inclusion. I love bringing creativity and innovation into our worship spaces to make worship more engaging for people of all ages. 

I have the advantage of being a lifelong Unitarian Universalist with a DRE parent, and so I have experienced our RE programs firsthand as well as having taught many of them. I’ve worked in religious education professionally, and in my current ministry I am the head advisor to our youth group.

Supporting children, youth and families, is the heart of my ministry. I want our church to be a place where kids have a network of safe, loving adults, who know them and care about them. I am passionate about developing the leadership of our young people so that they see themselves as vital leaders in Unitarian Universalism. I am so excited to bring my love and experience with religious education to UUCH and even more excited to build a collaborative partnership with your director of religious education.

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