Pastoral Care

Leading a ritual of remembrance for All Souls Day
In 2018 I spent the summer as a clinical pastoral education student at Riverside Hospital in Southern Virginia. Here I am with my cohort and supervisor on Graduation Day!

As we begin to build trust between us, I am excited to be the pastoral resource for your community. I come with a lot of pastoral care experience, having worked in prisons, hospitals, elder care facilities, with teens and in congregations. In pastoral care, I like to offer spiritual resources, ask big questions, listen deeply to stories, and hold space for the beauty of silence and human connection. The deepest message of my pastoral care is reminding people of their own worth and dignity through loving attention. Ultimately I’m trying communicate that, “You are not alone in this, I see you, I won’t stop noticing you, no matter how hard it gets.” These beautiful and complicated human lives we live are full of moments that are easier to bear when shared with a trusted minister. It is my honor to get to meet those needs in your community.

I also know that in a healthy and vibrant congregation, pastoral care is done by so many people beyond the minister. One of my goals as I start this new ministry is to help develop leaders and expand your capacity for pastoral care, so that the whole community receives more love and attention. Particularly in these challenging times, this feels critically important.

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