Denominational Affairs

————————————————————– Participating in the Service of the Living Tradition at GA in 2012
I am passionate about Unitarian Universalism at every level. As a youth I began to explore what our denomination had to offer. I participated in district and regional meetings, attended camps, trainings, and conferences, and took on leadership as part of Youth Caucus Staff at our annual General Assembly. These events helped shape me as a UU and gave me the skills and empowerment to answer my call to UU ministry.
My denominational commitments have grown since then, and I have served as Young Adults @ GA staff as well as serving on youth and teen staff at SUUSI, our largest denominational camp. You can click here to see me leading Synergy, the General Assembly bridging service, as part of my role as the Young Adult Worship Coordinator. (I give a charge to the bridgers at the 1 hour mark).
Hanging out with the Powerhouse Lady Ministers of Arlington Street Church before an ordination!
Now I support our denomination through participation in the UUMA and smaller cluster groups of clergy, both on social media and in real life, and by mentoring younger ministers and seminarians. This winter I served our denomination by collaborating with UUA staff to hire the new Lifespan Faith Engagement Director, a position which sets the agenda for religious education across our movement. I believe in the work of our denomination, particularly our work around dismantling white supremacy culture, and I  believe that one of my roles as minister, is to keep the congregation connected to our larger faith movement. To that end, I am grateful to serve our faith and I look forward to representing UUCH at the denominational level.
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