Theology and Music

“There is a love holding us. There is a love holding all that we love. There is a love holding all. We rest in this love.” – Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker

I could imagine that you are wondering what your candidate for ministry believes.  At my core, I believe in a Divine Love that holds us and dwells in and among us, reminding us of our worth and moving the world toward greater wholeness. This Love, this God, connects me to community and inspires my work for justice. I also believe deeply in people, in the power we have to be kind and to be resilient, this crisis shows me how true that is every day. Finally I believe that what binds us most is our choice to live in covenant. Our intentionality and our commitment to make space for imperfection and grace is where I find holiness in our tradition. I am also so curious to know what you believe, and look forward to learning about your beliefs as we get to know each other. 
Maybe just as important as what we believe, is how we live those beliefs. I live my theology out in my spiritual practices. Music is my most beloved spiritual practice.  From church choir, to a worship band, to karaoke with my seminary classmates, I just love singing and making music with others.  I tend to sing a lot in worship, and love to bring songs to committee meetings and other church events, and I am so looking forward to collaborating with your music director. Here are some recordings of my singing to give you a sense of the music I will bring to UUCH. 

Here I am leading a choir of my fellow graduates and our favorite professor, Dr. Cornell West, in singing Pat Humphries “Swimming to the Other Side” at Harvard Divinity School’s Multi-Faith Baccalaureate Service.

Leading a rendition of MaMuse’s “We Shall Be Known” with my friends Rev. Joanna Lubkin and Alex Fam at The Sanctuary Boston.

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