Welcome Unitarian Universalist Church of Huntsville!



 I am so excited and honored to have been selected as your candidate for ministry. I spent a lovely weekend with your kind and dedicated search committee, and from our conversations I feel really confident that we are going to be a great match in ministry. I look forward to getting to know each of you better in the coming weeks. You will have opportunities to meet with me and worship with me when I join you all for our very special Virtual Candidating Week, which will run from April 20th-May 3rd. Though it’s not what we had planned this will be a wonderful time to ask questions, get to know each other, and begin imagining the years of ministry to come. But if you are curious now, please check out the rest of my website. You will find my vision of ministry, my thoughts on religious education and pastoral care,  samples of my preaching and photos and video clips to give you a sense of my personality. This should get you started and I know we will have lots to talk about when we start meeting virtually!

Blessings and love during these tough times!

In Faith, Jaimie Dingus  

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