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Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist’s Ministerial Transition Template Project website.

This website is for you, a minister in search.  The template provides you with the pages and menus ministers will utilize while in search and are based on the SETTLEMENT HANDBOOK for Ministers and Congregations from the Transitions Office Unitarian Universalist Association January 30, 2013

WordPress provides the backbone for this website and gives you the flexibility to add, delete and change your pages.  You will be able to customize them as you wish, adding text, graphics, video and/or audio.  Many ministers have much of their work in documents and these can be attached as PDF’s or copied and pasted into pages.  All pages offer the option to print the page.  Currently each page represents an item in the menu and menus can also be added or deleted depending on your ministry.

For help to get your own ministerial search website please visit

Once you begin working on your website this page will be your home page. This would be a good place for your welcome letter and links to pages you want committees to explore such as:

Your phone number and email links are available in the main and footer menus but can be added here also.


RW Emerson


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