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To this UU search committee,

Thank you, all of you, for agreeing to serve in this demanding but very important role in congregational life.  

As we enter an uncertain future with a deadly virus still claiming lives worldwide, we can and should mourn those who died, but celebrate the fact that most of our UU congregations are still up and running, though our buildings have largely sat unused for a year.   

What I have to offer at a time like this is not a magic potion, not a wand I can wave and bring everything back to  “normal,” if there ever was such a state.  I can offer 

  • twenty-one years experience as a UU minister;
  • twenty years as a trial attorney before ministry;
  • a steady hand on the helm such that the vessels I was steering held together under stress;
  • technical competency to put together virtual services on Zoom and other platforms;
  • an abiding interest in and excitement about Unitarian Universalism as a religion with deep historical roots and great potential for the future; and 
  • the comfort, inspiration, encouragement and love we all give each other in congregational life at its best.

A congregation is stronger than its individual members acting alone, and it can discern what specific type of action has the best chance to do some good in the particular circumstances of a particular community.  Leadership, lay and clerical, is there to listen and to ask questions and help shape the programs which will make concrete the religious values we say we follow.

In my experience, the search process works best when both minister and search committee are open with each other about what they are looking for in their next congregation or next minister.  

So welcome to my search website.  I have here several sermons and complete services that I have done in a variety of contexts.  I also have some creative endeavors and some music and other things I have done for fun.  

A word about tech.   In the virtual world into which we have all been thrust by the Coronavirus, a certain level of technical skill in a minister is relevant to how well he or she may fit the new duties to which we are called.  To that end, I include here two videos I created at my last settlement, the UU Meeting House in Chatham: a Thanksgiving blessing in the form of a song by my friend David Roth which is my most popular video on YouTube, and a silent reflection on inclusivity.  There is a third video which was made to promote the Meeting House, with an original song by me, which is placed at the end of the section called Ministerial Record. All of the technical work on these videos, except the drone footage, I did myself; most of the technical work in the other videos on this website I also did myself and put it all together in this website, though a UUA transitions consultant had chose the architecture and set up the structure.



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