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Greetings! I’m Rev. Diana Smith, a Unitarian Universalist minister. Welcome to my website, where you can learn more about me and my ministry. I’m delighted that I’ll be meeting you (online) soon as UUS’s candidate. As we prepare for candidating week, please email me at if there’s anything you’d like me to know about you.

A love that will not let us go holds us in covenant with each other and the incredible and marvelous web of existence with which we share this universe. This love is a fierce, courageous love that calls us to live it more fully and deeply into the world all the time.

Love holds us in times of change and in times of stability, whether in our individual lives, our congregations, our nation, or our world. It holds us as we discern who we are and where we are being called.

I love working with congregations that are experiencing the changes of this great turning and are seeking transformation and deeper healing of conflict or trust. I’m called to minister with congregations to build communities within the church’s walls and in the wider community that speak to our deepest values and our many ways of experiencing the sacred.

I’m also called to engage with building equity and inclusion and doing justice work in a way that centers relationship. It’s important to me to engage in the work of co-creating a beloved community where people feel held and challenged (in a good way) in their whole selves, including all their theological and identity diversity.

You can learn more about me by navigating the menus at the top and bottom of this page.

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