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Gather Your Material

The purpose of the search packet website is to provide a rich and thorough presentation of a minister’s style, skills, and experience. In this respect the packet is a record of a life in ministry.*.

Gather your material to provide the content for your website that presents you and your ministry.  This will include the following pages, as recommended in the settlement handbook, and as shown on the Example website:

  • Welcome (cover) letter
  • Ministry
    • Sermons and Services
    • Rites of Passage
    • Religious Education
    • Pastoral Care
  • Leadership
    • Denominational and Interfaith Work
    • Organizational Development and Administration
    • Racial Justice and Multiculturalism
    • Social Justice
  • About Me
    • Biography
    • Theology
    • Newsletters and Publications
    • Ministerial Record
    • References

You will also want to gather:

  • A variety of photographs, in a variety of situations.
  • Videos and audio files from worship, other services or events in your ministry.

*adapted from

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