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Add Links to a Page

The pages of your website will most likely have hyperlinks, or links as they are commonly called, to external websites, documents and other media.

It is recommended that the link text describes what the user will see when they click on it. For example:

Using “Click Here” or  “Here” diminishes what you are trying to emphasize.  For example:

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson’s sermon “Pray Without Ceasing” was influential in my formation. To read it Click here.

How to Add a Link

  • Select the text that you want to link to a document, website or some other media file:

  • Click on the symbol in the editing toolbar that looks like a chainlink:

  • Copy or type the website address, aka URL, into the box:
  • Press the return key on your keyboard or click on the blue arrow to save.

To Remove a Link

  • Select the existing linked text and click on the broken chainlink in the editing toolbar:

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