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The UU Minister’s Search Template for Congregations comes with the features below which you can view on the Template Demo Site this Example Site:

  • A customizable Welcome page:
    • ability to add a feature video, image, or photos.
    • text area for your welcome letter to search committees.
    • ability to change your text font and size.
  • The Header, which appears on every page:
    • drop down menus for your main pages and sub-pages.
    • a search link, which displays a search box for your site
    • an icon of an envelope to link to your email address.
    • ability to add icons for your social media pages such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, Instagram and others.
  • The Footer, which appears on every page:
    • links to your main pages.
    • customizable space for your name, phone number, email address or other information.
  • Flexible placement of images on main and sub-pages.
  • Color choices available for links and background.
  • Plugins that give you the ability to:
    • hide your site while you are working on it, or if you only want to provide access to specific people.
    • print feature that is added to each page.
    • add a contact form.


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