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Getting Started with Content

Adding your words, images, videos and/or audio files is the next step in making your search packet template your own.

  • Gather your material
    • If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to gather your material.  Your material and the way you present it will tell the story of who you are to search committees and why they should consider you as a pre-candidate.  Search committees may “Google” you, looking for information about your ministry.  It is recommended that you “Google” yourself and see what you find.  You can add links from the pages you find to your own website as you desire.
  • Create a PDF
    • Creating Portable Document Files, PDF’s, for content like sermons, writings, publications, orders of services and other text based documents help search committees download and read your material.  Attaching them to your page provides cleaner navigation of your search packet website.
  • Add content to a page
    • Sermons and other writings will be one of the main areas a committee reads.  While it may be tempting to copy and paste a sermon on a webpage, a cleaner and easier way to provide that content would be to create and attach a PDF.
  • Add images
    • Images are an important part of any website.  If possible have photos taken by a professional.  If not, many current smart phones have high quality cameras.
  • Add videos
    • Videos are also important.  If possible have videos taken by a professional.  If not, many current smart phones have high quality cameras.  For videos and audio external microphones are helpful for clear crisp audio. This website has some examples.  There are others.
  • Add links to a page
    • Adding links to internal pages and external sites provide additional information that highlight your ministry. When you add external links there are some important steps that make navigating easier for search committees.
  • Update your menus
    • Navigating your website will be through links and menus.  Updating your menus properly keeps your navigation in an order that helps search committees find information efficiently.
  • Adding additional pages
    • Your ministry may expand beyond the scope of pages within the search packet template.  Adding a page to your website gives you the ability to add additional content.
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