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Header and Footer

The header, which appears on every page (see demo) features:

To customize the header, log in to your site as an administrator and follow the steps below.

Your Name, and Tagline

See Configure Your Website -> Site Identity for instructions.


The Search icon will display in the upper right hand corner of the toolbar.  This feature is pre-configured for you.

Social media and Email Links

One option you have with the template is to set up Social Links (Facebook, Twitter) and and an email address for the upper right hand corner of the header.  These are set under Appearance > Customize > Social Network icons. Once opened enter the website address for each link you want displayed. As you scroll down you will find an option at the bottom to add your email address.

NOTE:  The Search Packet Template has been designed with a contact form which can be used in place of adding your email address to your website.  The reason you may not want to add your email address and instead use the contact form is to avoid email spam.

The Main Menu

The main navigation menu stretches across the the page at the bottom of the header section, just above the main body content of each page. See Setting Up the Main Menu.

Footer Text

The footer area of most websites is small and unobtrusive and designed to be used for administrative links, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and menus.

The footer of your website has been designed to contain a copy of your main menu.  In addition you have the option to add additional text. Under Appearance > Customize >Footer Text you will find a small text box.  An example of what you might add is shown on the demo site where the name of the minister and phone number are added.

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