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Overview of Customizations

To enter your your name, for the identity of the site, and configure the header and footer of your website choose Appearance > Customize from the Dashboard. (Or, choose Customize from the admin menu at the top.) The customization menu is down the left side of the page.

Configure your site

The top of the menu tells you the name of your website and displays “You are customizing ‘Your Name’.  The next item down indicates the name of the theme.  There are many different types of themes available for WordPress.  The Founder theme was chosen for you because it is clean, responsive, and  has many options available for customizing.

Below the theme name are the options for customizing your website.  This help site is going to focus on these options:

As you make changes to these options, be sure to click the Save button at the top of the customization menu so you can see how your changes look. Tip: Open a second browser window (Ctrl-N or Cmd-N) or a new tab (Ctrl-T or Cmd-T) and look at your site there. Reload the page (Ctrl-R or Cmd-R) to see your changes.

Please Note:  It is recommended that you use the Founder theme with its preset customizations, unless you have experience with WordPress.

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