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Configure your Website

Once you have applied for a website and received your username and password you need to configure settings that affect the website as a whole. After that, you can begin adding content to the individual pages.

The Dashboard

To configure your site, log in with your username and password (at http://<your-domain-name>/wp-admin). For example if your domain name is you would log into the dashboard by going to

You will see the Dashboard down the left side of the page and an admin menu across the top, both with black backgrounds. The Dashboard is where you’ll find the configuration commands you’ll need. The admin menu has a small subset of the commands you’ll use once the site is configured.

If you are new to Wordpress the items you see below on the left side of the page will begin to make sense as you continue through this help site.  Before you being customizing you may want to change your password.

Dashboard Example

Configuration Settings

Here’s a list of site-wide configuration settings and how to set them and where to begin:

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