Hello to members, friends, youth, children, and staff of the First Parish in Brookline! I am absolutely thrilled that your Ministerial Search Committee has invited me to be your Ministerial Candidate. It has been a true joy and an honor to spend time with your MSC over these past few months, learning about you and your dreams for your congregation. I am so looking forward to getting to know all of you and joining you as your next settled minister; I can hardly wait to see the church and community that we will build, imagine, revision and create! 

​Here on my website you can learn more about me and my vision for ministry. I am looking forward to to meeting you in person between April 29th and May 6th when I’ll be in Brookline for Candidating Week. During that week we will have time to meet one another, discuss your and my vision for ministry, and then at the end of the week you will vote on whether or not to call me as your next settled minister. I am eagerly awaiting our time together.

See you soon!



Unitarian Universalist ministry is the realization of a childhood dream; I have never been happier and more excited about what the future holds than when I finally entered seminary five years ago. While I’ve been fortunate to have many interesting jobs and experiences throughout a rewarding career, I finally feel fully at home in my work life. I’m eagerly looking forward to meeting my next UU congregation, and taking the next steps in getting to know each other. I have a strong belief in “what’s meant to be” and confidence that we will be a great match!

I look forward to working with a congregation that is open to the power and calling of love and service. Those who have experienced my ministry know my lifelong passion for social justice and my commitment to eliminating racism, as well as economic, gender, age and ability inequities. My work is always strongly infused and motivated by my Buddhist and mystic theology; I have a keen awareness of the preciousness of all living things and the deep connection between human beings and the natural world.

I am eager to serve a congregation that will allow me to love them fully, listening to and supporting their spiritual and pastoral needs. I truly enjoy creative collaboration with UUs of all ages; it’s a beautiful gift to share this faith tradition of ours and work together to make this world a more peaceful and just place for all. Creative inquiry, playfulness and radical welcome enliven my ministry. I look forward to new ideas, new ways of worshipping and celebrating together.

Let us come together in the spirit of love and open inquiry to create a shared ministry and together build the church we envision.

In faith and love,

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