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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a deep passion of mine and a cornerstone to my ministry.

Pastoral care means traveling with each person through the struggles that are unique to each person’s lived experience. It means delving deep into pain to resurface with strength. All the work I provide is to offer humble guidance for each and every person to find and appreciate their own inherent worth and dignity. Each moment of pastoral care is crafted to the unique needs of the care-seeker.

Chaplaincy Experience:

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital New Brunswick, NJ June – August 2016
I worked regularly on the Neurology Unit and Orthopedics Unit. When on call, I responded to situations throughout the entire hospital, including the emergency room. Responding to a myriad of calls taught me to never walk into an interaction with expectations. Instead, let the person seeking the care lead the conversation.

Omegon Residential Treatment Center Minnetonka, MN September – December 2018
Omegon serves teenagers struggling with mental illness and addiction. In addition to offering pastoral support and conversation, I led weekly spirituality groups. These youth transformed my ministry. Through our shared experience, I learned the importance of a calm, caring, compassionate, consistent presence.

I am certified in Congregation Based Spiritual Direction. Spiritual Direction is a way to serve as a guide as people navigate their own sacred, spiritual stories.

Pastoral care is more than conversation. It means sending cards and remembering anniversaries. It means holding a hand and offering prayer. I would be honored to work with a team of dedicated lay leaders. Offering pastoral care is a deep honor I feel blessed to be able to provide.

“In pastoral care, Jane is calm and focused. Her compassion is plain to see.” – Rev Dr David Breeden

“Jane brought so much to the whole community and offered a safer space for people to open up about their struggles.” – Laura Carpenter, Former DRE First Unitarian Society

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