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About Me

“I think Jane is ready to be a minister on the forefront of change. She is radically inclusive; meeting folks where they are on their journey, leading by example by challenging herself through her own discomfort, gently and lovingly guiding folks to a new place of understanding, and truly accepting each person for who they are and want to be.” Laura Carpenter, Former Director of Religious Education, First Unitarian Society.

“I am impressed by Jane’s gifts for parish ministry, including but not limited to her good cheer, genuine eagerness to learn, her self-awareness, her dedication to the task at hand, her modeling of vulnerability with healthy boundaries, and willingness to ask for help.”- Rev. Kelli Clement

“Through the years I have worked with her, I have come to appreciate Jane’s enthusiasm for learning, the way she brings her whole self into everything that she does, and her deeply empathic approach to life.” – Dr. Michael Hogue, mentor

“Jane is motivated by the power and presence of Love in the world, and her emerging ministry reflects that deeply-held faith. Evidence is seen whenever she welcomes someone to the congregation, which happens very often.  A sense of genuine warmth exudes from Jane that holds and affirms people without regard to who they are. I believe that the joy she gets from this aspect of her ministry, as well as the power it exudes, reflects a deep and important motivation to serve Love in the world.” Rev. Bill Neely

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