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My favorite sacred text is the Tao de Ching by Lao Tzu, the sacred text of Taoism. I am also drawn to the mystic poetry of Rumi. My spiritual practices are jogging, repeating personal affirmations, meditation/prayer, journaling, and music.

I have become comfortable with the word god as a shorthand for the divine energy that I experience in three ways: the life-force within me that I feel as breath, as joy, as excitement; the mysterious energy beyond me that I sense when walking in the forest or looking at the stars or watching the ocean waves on the beach; and the magical unspoken energy between you and me that I call love. Therefore god or the divine is within me, beyond me, and between you and me.

I call myself a religious naturalist because I think that everything in the universe is part of nature and everything is worthy of wonder and awe. There is nothing beyond nature, no “supernatural.” But everything within nature–such as the unfolding of a flower and the deep mysteries of human thought and emotion–is holy.

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