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My Wife and I standing in front of the mountains of the Transylvanian countryside.
My wife and I hiking during the UUPCC Mindful Walk pilgrimage in Transylvania 2018

I was born in Seattle, but because my dad was in the Coast Guard we moved around a lot in my childhood. I have fond memories of my early childhood in Petaluma, CA. But for the most part I grew up in Northern Virginia where my family attended the UU Congregation of Fairfax. I became a leader in the youth group, and in the district-level youth “cons” or conferences. I moved to Newport News, VA to attend college, and I met the wonderful Ada van Tine, now my wife, at the local UU fellowship (her home congregation). I helped re-start a defunct Campus Ministry at Christopher Newport University, and continued my work with cons, this time for Young Adults. As I was helping to facilitate these UU communities, I also engaged the study of religion, and very quickly discerned that my calling was to continue sustaining liberal religious spaces while deeply engaging world religious traditions and philosophy.

After graduating college and one year working in the nonprofit sector, I began seminary at Harvard Divinity School, and graduated in 2018. I am currently finishing up a congregational internship at the Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Boulder, Colorado, where I am enlivened by all aspects of congregational life and work, and feel my call to parish ministry affirmed.

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